How to Reduce the Stress of Buying or Selling Your Home

Deciding to buy or sell a home always comes with a certain level of stress. Questions such as: is now the right time, am I accepting the best offer, and is this the right property, can permeate our thoughts and keep us up at night. Trying to buy or sell a home in a seller's market with lots of competition, bidding wars, and rising interest rates only make these questions and the pressure you may be feeling more intense. Here are a few therapist-approved tips to help reduce stress levels while buying or selling a home.

Reflect on Your Values and Motivation for Buying or Selling

One surefire way to increase mental and emotional distress is to make decisions or take action that is not in line with your values. Are you a digital nomad seeking travel adventures but are seeking to buy a five-bedroom house in suburbia that requires a lot of attention and upkeep? Do you dream of living in the countryside surrounded by gardens and quiet solitude but are looking to buy a high-rise apartment in the middle of downtown Denver?