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I’m so glad you’re here! In my role as Intake Coordinator, I have the privilege of connecting you with our therapists in your time of need. You are worthy of living an empowered, meaningful, and authentic life—and it is my aim to make the process of getting you started on your mental health journey as easy as possible.

In my other role as a Therapist in Training, I am passionate about meeting you where you’re at and supporting you in knowing yourself, trusting yourself, loving yourself, and discovering how your unique qualities can move you toward your self-determined goals. Having the courage to turn toward your pain and start healing is a remarkable step in embracing the messiness of life and finding your peace within it. I am honored to be your companion in this phase of your life’s path.

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Contact me for a free consultation!

Call/Text: (720) 277-9684

Insurance Accepted:

  • Aetna

  • Medicaid


Out-of-Pocket Session Fee:

$125 per 50-60min session 

$75 per 30 min session 

My Story

Being a human is tough, isn’t it? In my fifteen-year career as an educator, I encountered countless students and colleagues who were struggling with so many aspects of life, from anxiety and depression to grief and feelings of stress and overwhelm. It was in witnessing their difficulties and wanting to be able to do more to help that I started to feel a strong pull to become a therapist.

My desire to change careers was solidified after the birth of my second child when I experienced postpartum anxiety. I felt out of control and would have prolonged bouts of all-consuming worry that affected me mentally, physiologically, and emotionally. Therapy helped me realign my mind, body, and spirit. I learned how to cope, show compassion to myself, and stay mindfully grounded in the present. I learned how to live my life—in all its complicated, challenging glory—by cultivating resilience and a deep sense of well-being, and I am passionate about helping my clients do the same.

As a Therapist in Training under the supervision of Her Time Therapy founder, Meagan Clark, I believe in the power of therapy. I also believe in you. I value and honor you and your experiences and I look forward to walking alongside you to support your work in healing, growth, and empowerment.


Women's Issues


Intake Coordination


Educator & College Student Support



Please don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more about me and the services that Her Time Therapy can offer you.


Email, call, or text me to schedule a free phone consultation! 

(720) 277-9684

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