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Why provide counseling specifically for women?

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Women’s reality is so often characterized by overwhelming pressure and scrutiny. Consider . . . 


  • Do you ever feel that you can’t do anything right? Do you simultaneously feel you are not working hard enough, while also feeling guilty for so many hours spent at work and away from your family?


  • Are you pressured to count every calorie, try every new diet, and over exercise to punish yourself for enjoying a meal?


  • Is the pursuit of your dream career threatened by your desire to have children?


  • Have you become burned out by working a job that pays a salary far lower than your skill set is worth? Are you angered by and unsure what to do about being paid less than male colleagues?  


  • Are you stuck in a relationship that isn’t meeting your needs, or that you’re afraid to leave? Perhaps you've given up on relationships altogether?


  • Do you find your mind filled with negative self talk? Are you constantly comparing yourself to others and always finding yourself coming up short? 


  • Is all of your time and energy spent caring for others, with none left over for your own self care?


If you are a woman living in this world, you’ve probably noticed that your lived experience varies dramatically compared to our male counterparts. Women experience a unique set of biological, environmental, economic, and social challenges that have a very real and significant impact on their mental health and overall well-being. 

Women have faced a disproportionate amount of scrutiny and gender based oppression for thousands of years.


Unfortunately, this is not a new phenomenon. Terms like “crazy” or “hysterical” have been used to describe, stigmatize, and diminish the experience of women. Sadly, many of us have internalized this treatment and stuffer from low self esteem, damaging self talk, and self sabotaging behavior in response to living in a patriarchal culture. 

History shows that mental health care for women has traditionally been inadequate at best, and harmful at worst. Thankfully, this is improving and the psychological community has become much more aware of privilege and the impact systemic issues have on minority populations.


Her Time Therapy, LLC is here to continue disrupting a disenfranchising history by providing holistic, evidence based, and empowering mental health therapy that addresses the issues with women women most commonly suffer.  


While not all women will experience mental health issues in response to sexism, gender based oppression, abuse/intimate partner violence, or the idealized portrayal of women in the media. For those who do, Her Time Therapy, LLC is here to help. 


Women are more prone to experience the following mental health issues:


  • Depression 

  • Anxiety 

  • PTSD

  • Eating Disorders

  • Low Self Esteem / Self Harm 

  • Mood Dysregulation 

  • Chronic Stress 

Counseling for Women Denver
Online Counseling for Women | Womens Issues Therapist Denver | Feminist Counseling

This is the time to validate and recognize the value in your own female experience.


Her Time Therapy, LLC can provide the support needed to empower you to break through barriers and create the full and fulfilling life you deserve. 


If you are ready to take the next step and give yourself the time to reflect, heal, and grow to your fullest potential, call or text us at (720) 255-1667 for an appointment today!

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