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Online Therapy in Colorado 

Living in colorful Colorado means living in an outdoor wonderland or city center, with so much to see and do. Whether you live in an urban metropolis or a mountain ski town, it can be difficult to make the drive needed to visit your therapist every week. That is why Her Time Therapy, LLC provides online therapy to those living anywhere across the state of Colorado. 

Therapy on Your Time, from Wherever You Are.

Her Time Therapy, LLC is a women's mental health practice based in Denver, Colorado, so we are no strangers to the challenges presented by I70 traffic. So many women who make it to our office or computer screens attest to the difficulty in finding time for self-care. We consider therapy to be a vital part of a healthy self-care routine and strive to make therapy as convenient and accessible as possible. 

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Are you a busy mom who needs to log in to session from a school parking lot after drop off? Great! No problem at all. 

Are you a busy professional who needs a 30min session during your lunch break from your office conference room? Sounds good to us!

Are you a college student who needs to fit in therapy between classes from a private study room on the campus library? Awesome! Take a study break with us. 

Are you a caregiver or patient who can't stray far from the medical center? No problem, we'll be there with you when support is needed the most. 

Online counseling is proven to be just as effective as in person. Her Time brings you evidence based, individualized mental health care to you. With us, you can go to therapy on your time, from wherever you are within the state of Colorado.

Therapy should fit into your life. With Her Time, you no longer need to fit your life around therapy. Our online counseling in Colorado is convenient and effective. 

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