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Invest in Yourself is Now

Initial 15 minute phone consultation: Free

Psychotherapy Session/Online Mental Health Counseling

30 minute session:       $60 

60 minute session:       $120

90 minute session:       $180​

Integrative Medicine for Mental Health Counseling: 

60 minute session & individualized protocol:            $120

30 minute session, protocol update, & text support: $80

Holistic Health & Cancer Coaching:

60 minute initial session & care plan:                   $120 

30 minute weekly/biweekly coaching session:     $80

Text support included between sessions! 


I accept payments via debit or credit card. A card on file is required to book a session and will be charged at the end of each session. 

Starting a therapy or coaching is a commitment and an investment. By booking your first session, you are making the courageous decision to put yourself first. It is a big deal to direct time, money, and energy into yourself and your wellness. I get it. You want to be sure that it’s “worth it,” and that you will get the results you want.

I can assure you that it is worth it because YOU are worth it. 


I take your decision to start your health journey seriously. It takes courage to seek help and support, so I commit to show up for you each session and provide the highest quality care possible.

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Payment & Insurance 

I do not bill insurance companies directly. Your counseling services may be eligible for reimbursement through out-of-network benefits or a health care savings account. I recommend checking with your insurance company if you have coverage for mental health services and if they provide reimbursement. I can provide you with a superbill listing services you've received and paid for out of pocket, which you can then submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. 

It is ultimately your choice whether you’d like to involve your insurance company in your mental health care. However, many clients choose not to involve their insurance company in their because of two important factors:

  • Health insurance may not cover all types of therapy and often limit number of sessions you can have over a certain span of time. This places your care in the hands of the insurance company, rather than with you and your therapist. 

  • To cover therapy services, insurance companies require a mental health diagnosis. This diagnosis then becomes a part of your permanent health care record. A mental health diagnosis is often not necessary or appropriate, and can lead to serious limitations such as denial for quality life insurance, disability insurance, or health insurance in the future.

Feedback & Value 

It is important to me that my clients feel that this is money and time well-spent. Therapy is not a short-term luxury, it is a long-term investment in your future.  I understand the investment you are making and the importance of your mental health. This is why I welcome feedback and frequently check in with clients to make sure their needs and goals are being met.


At the end of each session, you will be invited to complete an Session Rating Scale. This is a document that invites you to provide feedback to me at the end of the session, letting me know if you felt heard and understood, if we covered topics that were important to you, and provide an overall rating for that session. I then take your feedback and modify your future sessions to ensure our work is of value to you. 

In addition to the work that occurs together in session, it is important to note that I take time to research evidence based techniques that enhance your treatment and take multiple advanced trainings each year to keep my clinical skills fresh and up-to-date. I spend a good deal of time outside of our sessions collaborating with my supervisor and creating the individualized treatment plan best suited for you. I also add value outside of our sessions by sending resources, references, referrals, or communicating with other members of your care team — at no extra charge to you.

I believe in your ability to overcome your current challenges and build the life you dream of living. I expect that you bring your best self and effort to session, because I will always do the same for you! 

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