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I'm Rhiannon Stonemiller, MA LPCC and I'm a licensed professional counselor providing mental health counseling for clients in Colorado. My passion is utilizing creative processes such as art, mindfulness and body awareness to support adults in navigating anxiety, grief and relationships. 

I am honored to walk alongside you on your journey to deeper self-awareness, empowerment, and trust. I believe that healing begins with an empathic relationship and co-creating a safe therapeutic space.


From this common ground, we can then explore your inner landscape to identify unhealthy relational patterns, locate your needs, and ultimately develop self-trust.

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Call or Text: (720) 277-9684


Telehealth Link

Simple Practice - Link sent via email for before appointment


Out-of Pocket: $95-$135

Insurance Accepted:

Medicaid, Aetna

My Approach to Therapy:

As a contemplative art therapist, I emphasize creative expression, experiential process, and spirituality as a means of self-discovery. I believe in the healing power of empathic relationships and co-creating a safe therapeutic space. I am social justice-oriented, incorporating a keen awareness of cultural humility and trauma sensitivity.


In session, I will help you to identify unhealthy relational patterns, locate your needs, and develop trust in yourself. We will explore tools of self-awareness, such as art processes, tracking bodily sensations, and mindfulness that meet you exactly where you are. Through this, you can heal and experience a more authentic, fulfilling life.

My Ideal Client: 

Are you seeking a deeper connection to yourself, in your relationships, or to your community as a whole? Is it difficult to locate your needs and desires because you are lost in a sea of thoughts? I most enjoy working with folks in this space who are eager to deepen self-awareness, explore creativity, and cultivate self-trust.


Even if you are unsure where to begin, feel overwhelmed, or find it difficult to trust yourself, I am here to support you in identifying the root of these limiting thought patterns by tending to your emotional landscape, reconnecting with yourself, and cultivating an embodied sense of inner knowing.

The Concerns I Specialize in Treating:

Counseling for Anxiety

Anxiety transitions from normal worry and stress to a disorder when it becomes persistent and pervasive in your life. While occasional nervousness and stress are common, an anxiety disorder can significantly disrupt daily functioning and overall well-being. Seeking help can be beneficial regardless of whether your anxiety meets the criteria for a disorder. The goal for our work together is to alleviate your overwhelming feelings of worry and stress, reduce physical symptoms such as racing heartbeats and breathlessness, improve sleep, and increase a sense of calm and peace in your life We will identify your anxiety symptoms and and work understanding the triggers—whether they are situations, people, or places—that exacerbate anxiety, paving the way for effective anxiety relief strategies.

My Story: 

I became an Art Therapist in Colorado because I have always loved supporting others and believe in the healing power of the creative process. As a young adult, I found myself enveloped by anxious thoughts, disconnected from my body, and stuck in unhealthy relational patterns. After setting a final boundary in a harmful romantic relationship, I found my way to therapy and began emotional healing. I also began to reconnect to my creative process, which helped me rediscover my identity and strengthened my capacity to trust myself. 

​I followed the thread of healing to graduate school to pursue my Master’s in Counseling. During my time in graduate school, I cultivated the art of slowness and discovered deeper embodiment which supported me in integrating my own emotional healing. I then had the opportunity to work at a community clinic where I supported clients from diverse backgrounds in exploring their emotional landscapes and witnessed the transformational power of art therapy firsthand.

Education & Professional Training

2019 - 2022

Master of Arts, Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Transpersonal Art Therapy
Naropa University

2013 - 2017

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology
Minor: Philosophy
Emory University

Additional Training

Mindfulness - CBCT and Vedic

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

My Blog Posts: 

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Books I Recommend:

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