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Therapy Journals

Have you ever wondered how to get more out of your therapy sessions? 


Therapy journals are your best tool to enhance the effectiveness and quality of your mental health therapy sessions. These notebooks act as your travel companion on your journey to better mental health by providing space to track, plan, and reflect on 20 therapy sessions.


Additionally, this journal for therapy notes includes sections that help you keep track of your therapist's information, your personal therapy goals, moods, thoughts, and an individualized self-care plan. No matter how often your therapy sessions occur or if you are engaging in virtual or in-person therapy, this journal will help you make the most of counseling. 


If you need a tool that goes beyond helping you to track your progress during therapy, promote your self-reflection, and completion of therapy homework . . . these journals are for you.


Included in these notebooks are valuable resources that support your well-being and growth outside of the counseling session, including a list of 160 affirmations and positive self-talk statements, a holistic self-care planner, and a thought tracker and challenger that you can use outside of the session to challenge distressing thoughts and emotions to help you get feeling better, faster. 

Sections included in these journals include: 

  • Title Page - with room to add your information in case your journal gets misplaced

  • Important Information - space for you to add your counselors information and crisis resources

  • Therapy Goals - with space to write up to 10 individual therapy goals 

  • Session Pages - space to record session dates, emotion levels prior to session, notes about topics to discuss in session, session reflection, and post session emotion tracker

  • Annual Mood Tracker - track your emotions over time to see trends and patterns to work through in therapy

  • Thought Tracker & Challenger - a comprehensive worksheet that guides you through distressing moments

  • Holistic Self Care Wheel & Sample Self Care Activities - template to plan a holistic self care routine

  • Activity Scheduler - a guide to plan weekly activities that get you feeling better

  • List of Positive Affirmations and Statements to Promote Supportive Self Talk

  • Blank Journal Pages 


If you are in therapy, these journals are great tools to use independently or in session with your therapist. Many of the elements in the journals are drawn from cognitive behavioral therapy and will help you to make the most out of counseling by encouraging you to think and write about important things before, during, and after each session. 

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