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Partner Practitioners 

The following practitioners are recommended providers partnering with Her Time Therapy, LLC. Mental health counseling or health coaching, combined with the alternative and complementary health care services below, provide you with a wraparound, integrative self care plan that meets your mental, emotional, and physical needs.

Kate Salama, MD

Integrative Psychiatry in Denver | Online Psychiatric Evaluation | Psychiatric Meidcation Managment | Reproductive Psychiatry in Colorado

Phone: 720-336-3717

In person care:  
3500 E 17th Ave Denver, CO 80206

Psychiatric virtual care available to residents of Colorado, Massachusetts, and New York 

About Dr. Salama:

  • Board Certified Adult Psychiatrist

  • Fellowship in Women’s Mental Health

  • Attending Psychiatrist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Instructor at Harvard Medical School prior to private practice

  • Private practice in Denver, Colorado

  • Practices tele-psychiatry in Massachusetts and New York


  • Psychiatric Evaluation

  • Reproductive Psychiatry Consult

  • Medication Management 

  • Functional Lab Testing 

  • Nutrition & Supplement Guidance 

Approach to Care:

"I commonly help people with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, trauma, OCD, and ADHD. I love working with women planning for pregnancy and through the perinatal period, as well as with partners and fathers . . . I believe that patients achieve the best results through integrative psychiatry, which has the goal of understanding the root causes of psychiatric symptoms and offering an array of holistic treatment options, including recommendations for non-prescription supplements and botanicals, diet optimization, and mind-body practices." 

Emma Kobil, MA, NCC, LPC


About Emma 

  • Licensed Professional Counselor with over 14 years of experience

  • National Certified Counselor

  • Masters in Counseling, Masters in Philosophy

  • Trained in EMDR, Internal Family Systems, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Play Therapy, Somatic Therapy

  • Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Certified Therapist

  • Experience working with eating disorders, sexual issues, identity issues, depression, anxiety and trauma.


  • Feminist Counseling 

  • EMDR Therapy 

  • Online Counseling in Colorado

Approach to Care:

"I get the experience of pain, fear, and self criticism, and I also know what it’s like on the other side. Through the process of healing, I became passionate about helping others who are sensitive and have a lot to express. My therapeutic approach helps you develop strength, understanding, and joy. My expertise focuses on working with creative, thoughtful women suffering from being stuck in their heads and not feeling good enough. I help individuals come home to the truth of who they are and learn to practice self-compassion. I know that healing and joy are possible for you." 

Phone: 720.515.7344 
Fax: 720.316.5996

Virtual care available to
residents of Colorado

Dr. Michele Orchard, DC

Screen Shot 2022-04-29 at 10.02.34 AM.png


City Center Chiropractic
578 S Chambers Rd
Aurora, CO 80017

Phone: 303.752.1982
Fax: 303.752.3318

About Dr. Orchard:

  • Doctor of Chiropractic 

  • Certified WEBSTER Practitioner, a technique that has been effective in
    assisting pregnant women with in-utero constraint

  • Over 20 years of experience as a practicing chiropractor 


  • Evaluation

  • Adult & Pregnancy Chiropractic Care 

  • Infant, Child, & Adolescent Chiropractic Care

  • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

  • Cupping Therapy  

Approach to Care:

After a terrifying car accident in 1987 and personally experiencing the benefits of chiropractic, Dr. Michele decided to become a chiropractor to help others achieve health – the natural way. The discovery that the body has an amazing ability to recover and heal itself from the inside out inspired her. She is inspired by helping patients and her compassion and energy is obvious to everyone she treats.

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