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I’m Cherie Couvillon, a Clinical Mental Health Graduate Student Intern offering affordable counseling services to Her Time Therapy clients under the supervision of Meagan Clark, MA LPC NCC BC-TMH, and Adams State University professors.


As a woman who has maintained sobriety for over a decade, established a healthy relationship with food and my body, created a new life after divorce, and navigated transitions, I know firsthand the value of a skilled and compassionate professional when faced with adversity. My dedication to assisting other women has led me to pursue my Masters in Counseling.

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(720) 491-1676


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Out-of-Pocket: $50-75

Insurance: Medicaid, Aetna

My Approach to Therapy:

My approach to therapy is influenced by my 20 years of expertise as a health and wellness professional to support you in achieving the well-being that has been elusive to you. Together, we will identify strategies that empower you to navigate life's peaks and valleys as you grow into greater self-love, personal power, fulfillment, and well-being.

I honor each person's unique story through a holistic health lens, empowering them to discover personalized solutions. Utilizing evidence-based practices, skill development, and behavior-change solutions, I support women in finding effective strategies for their lives. 

My Ideal Client: 

Are you a woman stuck in an endless loop of diets and doctor's appointments, dreaming of the day you feel good in your body? If you're tired of a diet culture and medical system that doesn't work for you, it sounds like we would be a great fit to work together!

I am passionate about serving those struggling with anxiety, depression, and women’s issues such as low self-esteem due to societal or familial expectations, daily stressors, and life transitions.

The Concerns I Specialize in Treating:

Counseling for Anxiety

Through active listening and compassionate guidance, I assist women in understanding the root causes of their anxiety and developing coping strategies tailored to their unique needs. Utilizing evidence-based techniques such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness practices, I empower clients to challenge negative thought patterns and cultivate a sense of calm and resilience. Together, we work towards fostering a deeper understanding of triggers and implementing practical solutions to navigate anxiety-provoking situations more effectively, ultimately promoting holistic well-being and a greater sense of control.

My Story: 

Growing up in Louisiana, I eventually traded the bayous for the majestic mountains of Colorado in 2018. The allure of the outdoors beckoned me, drawing me into long mountain hikes and the challenge of technical rock climbing in the canyons. Colorado's serene mountain environment, crisp air, and breathtaking natural beauty became my sanctuary, aiding me in managing stress and nurturing inner peace. Engaging in physical activities amidst such splendor not only brings me a profound sense of achievement but also deepens my gratitude for the remarkable capabilities of my body. These outdoor pursuits offer me more than just thrills; they serve as fertile ground for personal growth and self-discovery, fostering a profound acceptance and harmony with my body—a journey that eluded me for 30 years of dieting.

Cherie outdoor pic sunglasses.jpeg

Education & Professional Training

Expected graduation: 2025

Graduated 2005

Master of Arts, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Adams State University

Bachelor of Science, Exercise Physiology
University of New Orleans

Cherie outdoor pic_edited.jpg

Additional Credentials
& Training

National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach
Wellcoaches Certified Health and Wellness Coach 
American College of Sports Medicine Personal Trainer 
End-of-Life Doula training through the Conscious Dying Institute's Sacred Passage Program
Trained in Reiki healing

cherie climbing.jpeg

Before settling in Colorado, I embarked on a transformative two-year journey across the United States, fully embracing life on the road. This adventure afforded me the opportunity to immerse myself in diverse cultures, fulfilling my insatiable passion for learning and forging connections with individuals from all walks of life, all while exploring countless National and State Parks along the way.

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