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Her Time Therapy, LLC

Her Time is a holistic therapy practice dedicated to supporting women's mental, emotional, & physical health. 
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Are you one of the many women leading a busy life, filled with responsibilities and challenges that make self care drop to the bottom of your priority list? Then you're in the right place!


Her Time is a therapy practice created for you, designed to meet you where you're at, and help you to overcome anything standing in the way of the life you dream of living. 

Anxiety, depression, trauma, stress, relationship issues, poor health . . . these are all things that leave us feeling unable to cope. Often we try to ignore our declining mental health and force ourselves to focus on school, career, and family but abandon our own self-care in the process.


It doesn't have to be this way.


Her Time was created by a woman, for women. The mission of Her Time is to provide women with access to therapeutic support that is convenient, holistic, and empowering.  

Her Time provides women like you with holistic, integrative therapy services uniquely designed to meet your needs and the build mind, body, spirit wellness you have been seeking.


Client centered therapy can help you overcome anxiety, process trauma, navigate grief, thrive through cancer, find your dream career, develop healthier relationships, become friends with food, and so much more!


If you are ready to get started, call or text (720) 255-1667 to schedule an appointment or receive a free consultation. 

Her Time's commitment is to offer women therapy that is  . . . 

  • Convenient 

  • Holistic 

  • Restorative

  • Inclusive 

  • Specialized 

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 Women live dynamic and complex lives.


Women today are juggling career, personal relationships, self care, caregiving responsibilities, and so much more!

Integrative counseling is an ideal approach to supporting women because it is takes into consideration the individual characteristics, preferences, needs, physical abilities, spiritual beliefs, and motivation to determine the best approach to therapy for each client. ​ 

Integrative counseling is a mind, body, spirit approach that utilizes evidence based counseling modalities (such as cognitive behavioral therapy) paired with complementary medicine and holistic health coaching in order to provide you with a uniquely effective therapeutic experience that produces sustainable change and improvement to mind/body health.

Why Offer an Integrative Approach to Counseling?

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Integrative therapy provides treatment based on the relationship between mind, body, spirit. In other words, you're seen as an entire human being and every part of you and your experiences is important. 

At Her Time, integrative psychotherapy is paired with complementary services like health coaching and integrative medicine for mental health (aka. mental health nutrition) to promote holistic, mind body wellness.


The cornerstone of integrative therapy is developing a treatment plan that is customized for each client. In other words, the therapist and client work together to develop a treatment plan that is physically and mentally restorative.


Her Time is a practice that welcomes people from all walks of life. We are LGBTQ+ positive and will happily work with male or female clients, but are dedicated to serving those who identify as female. We are also trans affirming and provide gender counseling and letters for hormone replacement therapy and gender reassignment surgery.


All religious affiliations (including atheism) are respected, welcomed, and will be integrated in treatment planning to the clients request and therapists competency. 


Her Time is a fully remote, tele-health practice that brings counseling to your fingertips. You no longer need to worry about commute time, childcare, or take time away from caring for ill family members to come to therapy. You can login from the comfort of your own home, car, or office to access quality mental health care.

Evidence Based

The clinical mental health counseling techniques used at Her Time are evidence-based. This means research has proven the effectiveness of these interventions. Some of the modalities utilized most frequently are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solutions Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), Mindfulness, Narrative Therapy, and more.  


Her Time is a feminist practice, which means that clients experiences and level of distress is evaluated with societal, cultural, and political causes in mind. In other words, the challenges and stressors that women (and men) face as a result of bias, stereotyping, oppression, and discrimination based on gender is central to identifying appropriate therapeutic interventions and solutions. 


In feminist mental health care, the voices, ways of knowing, and experiences of women and girls are honored and clinical diagnosis is avoided. A primary goal of feminist informed therapy is strengthening women in areas such as assertiveness, communication, relationships, and self-esteem. This is achieved through an egalitarian client-therapist relationship that is characterized by validation, advocacy, psychoeducation, care, and support. 


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Her Time Therapy, LLC is a Denver, Colorado based therapy practice providing clinical mental health counseling services to individuals residing across the state of Colorado.


Holistic health and cancer coaching services for patients and caregivers are available to those nationwide. 

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