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Online Therapy in New York

Don’t settle for just any therapist because their office is in your town or only one subway stop away. New York is a big state with many therapists providing mental health services. It is critical to find the therapist who specializes in the issues you're facing and with whom you really "click." Her Time Therapy, LLC provides online therapy to those living anywhere across the state of New York to ensure you are connected with the best therapist for you. 

Contact Jenny Carmona-Padilla for online therapy services in New York! 

Experience the Convenience of Logging into Your Online Therapy Session in a New York Minute!

counseling in new york.jpeg
online counseling new york city.jpeg

One thing people are not aware of regarding online therapy is that you have to see a therapist who is licensed to practice in the state you live in. For example, if you live in New York (boroughs or upstate) you need to see a therapist who has a New York license. At Her Time Therapy, LLC, we have trained therapists who are licensed to provide online psychotherapy services to you, no matter where you life in New York.

Telemental health services, aka online counseling or etherapy, provides the same, evidence based counseling services that you may have had in the past - just without the hassle of going to a counseling office. During online therapy, you and your therapist login to a HIPPA video based teletherapy platform and use video chat to have a counseling session. Easy!

Are you a busy mom who needs to log in to session from a school parking lot after drop off? Great! No problem at all. 

Are you a professional business woman too busy breaking glass ceilings to commute to a therapy appointment? No problem. Grab your headphones and login from your office or conference room!

Are you a college student who needs to fit in therapy between classes from a private study room on the campus library? Awesome! Take a study break with us. 

Are you a caregiver or patient who can't stray far from the medical center? No problem, we'll be there with you when support is needed the most. 

We believe therapy should fit into your life.

With Her Time, you no longer need to fit your life around therapy. 

Her Time brings you evidence based, individualized mental health care to you. With us, you can go to therapy on your time, from wherever you are within the state of New York.

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