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Holistic Cancer Coaching

Prevent Development of Cancer 

Promote Physical & Psychological Health  

Prevent Recurrence of Cancer

“Every day, at every meal, we can choose food that will defend our bodies against the invasion of cancer” – David Servan-Schreiber, MD, PHD 

Holistic Cancer Counseling | Holistic Cancer Coaching Denver

HerTime Therapy, LLC provides Holistic Cancer Coaching that is certified by 


Our Holistic Cancer Coaching provides individualized telehealth-based guidance to patients and caregivers nationwide designed to help enhance nutritional, psychological, and physical health.

Our mission is to partner with you as a patient or cancer caregiver to help prevent recurrence, reduce suffering, minimize treatment side effects, improve quality of life, and increase the odds for long-term survival. 

What is Holistic Cancer Coaching?

A Holistic Health Coach is a trained professional who uses an integrative approach to both diet and lifestyle changes specifically designed to improve your health and help you fight cancer. As your coach, I will partner with you through your cancer journey. My goal is to help you take agency and become an empowered participant in your cancer treatment. I will work closely with you, and your treatment team, to support you in developing a healthier, anti cancer diet and supplement protocol and to improve interpersonal relationships, physical fitness, spirituality, and mental health. 

In other words, I will help you create a body and lifestyle that doesn't support cancer growth or reoccurance. 

Changing habits is hard, but you cannot get well in the same environment that made you sick. For most people, it’s multiple negative habits that contribute to poor health and the development of cancer. This can feel overwhelming and, often, it is hard to critically evaluate our own lifestyle and identify what habits you need to change. This is where holistic cancer coaching comes in as a powerful tool.


As your coach, I will be a loyal, objective partner that takes the time necessary to truly understand you, your lifestyle, your goals, and what challenges stand in your way. Together, we can create an individualized, holistic health improvement plan that incorporates both conventional and complementary treatments to help you improve your quality of life, health, and resiliency to overcome cancer. 

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Holistic Cancer Coaching offers you. . . 

  • Behavior change through strengths based psychology: By focusing on your strengths (not weaknesses) I encourage manageable, realistic behavioral change that will help you to build a positive and healthy mind-set while working toward your health goals.

  • Skills to promote healthy habits: I will provide you with the education, skills training, and encouragement needed to make healthier choices and reverse bad habits that contributed to the development of cancer. In particular, you'll develop skills needed to make it easier and more natural to eat healthy, increase frequency of physical activity, manage stress, get plenty of sleep, and more! 

  • Supplemental services and referrals: In our work together, if we determine that mental health is a barrier to your overall health,  I can offer clinical mental health counseling and integrative medicine for mental health services. Additionally, I partner with other practitioners to make referrals for other holistic services that can support your battle against cancer including massage therapy, acupuncture, oriental medicine, and chiropractic care.  

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Can Holistic Cancer Coaching Help Me?

If there is one thing I've learned from losing a loved one to cancer, it is that health truly is wealth. If you don't have your health, nothing else matters. As true as this is, it is often hard for us to do what we know is best for ourselves. If you've been diagnosed with cancer, beat cancer and are wanting to prevent reoccurance, or don't want to follow in the footsteps of family members who have fallen to cancer, Holistic Cancer Coaching will benefit you greatly. It is never too late to add healthier habits to our lives and learn treat our body and mind with the love and care it deserves.


You will benefit from Holistic Health Coaching if you . . .  

  • Want to build your health in order to prevent cancer 

  • Have been diagnosed with cancer and are looking to add complementary treatment options to your arsenal 

  • Are in remission and want to prevent recurrence of cancer 

  • Are feeling lost and lacking of control over your cancer treatment protocol 

  • Are not sure how to communicate with oncologists or follow treatment recommendations 

  • Are unsure what treatment options you would like to pursue 

  • Are tired of the unhealthy habits you know exist in your life

  • Have a strong desire to  promote good health in yourself, family, and friends  

  • Recognize that true health means improving your lifestyle 


Is it hard to funnel time, money, and energy into self care? Absolutely. Is it vital to do so in order to truly overcome cancer? Yes!


If your choice is to make lasting changes and invest in health coaching that regards you as a whole person, rather than just a host to a tumor, contact me today for an appointment. 

How does it Work?

1. Book an Appointment. Not ready yet? Contact me to have any questions or concerns answered and to schedule by phone, text, or email. 

2. Complete paperwork. Upon booking your appointment, you'll be invited to electronically complete intake paperwork and a comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment. This holistic assessment is the first step towards working together to isolate specific goals and develop an action plan, so it is important to take your time and hold space for self-reflection. 

3. Attend your first Coaching telehealth session. Session length is typically 60 min for your initial intake, followed by 30 min sessions weekly or biweekly with text and email support in between. During your first appointment, we’ll dive into deep into conversation focused on your diagnosis, current therapies, unique goals, and current health habits. We will then work together to determine best approach towards developing a comprehensive anti-cancer self care plan that may include dietary changes, supplements, reading/educational resources, mental health counseling, massage, acupuncture, physical activity, meditation, and more. 


4. Follow your Holistic Cancer Coaching Care Plan. Shortly after the first session, you'll be sent a Care Plan that lists smart goals and action steps to get you started on your journey to better health. Your care plan is yours. It is individualized based on your diagnosis, your current health habits, and what action steps you are comfortable taking. From there, we'll meet weekly or bi weekly to check your progress and make alterations to your initial plan. 

5. Get support from your coach via Text between sessions. 

You'll walk away from each session with homework, strategies, and specific take-aways to implement at a pace that is comfortable and manageable for you. To support your in implementing these changes between sessions and ensure your quality of life is improving, text support is available to get your through tough moments. We'll continue to work together in sessions and text support until you have a consistent self-care routine and you've achieved the goals you set at the start of your coaching program. 

6. Collaboration with your Caregivers. Cancer does not just affect the patient. It affects everyone that patient loves and who loves them. As former Cancer Caregiver turned Holistic Cancer Coach and Psychotherapist, I've been there. I know first hand how important it is for patient and caregiver to partner together in this fight. Enrolling in Holistic Cancer Coaching services means that you and your caregiver both have ongoing support. Caregivers are welcome to engage in text support on your behalf, join virtual coaching sessions, or engage in counseling at a reduced cost. Collaboration with professional caregiving team (Oncologist, Radiologist, Caseworkers, etc.) is also available

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