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Trauma & Chronic Stress

"When we deny the story, it defines us. When we own the story, we can write a brave new ending." 

-Brene Brown

Counseling for Trauma / PTSD

Have you experienced a traumatic event that has left you struggling? You're not alone. One half of all individuals will be exposed to a traumatic event in their lifetime and out of those people women are more than twice as likely to develop PTSD.


If you've experienced a potentially life threatening event such as physical, psychological, or sexual abuse; physical assult or rape, domestic violence; witnessing violence against others; death of a loved one; a terminal diagnosis; serious accident; war; or a natural disaster you have likely been traumatized and are finding it difficult to lead a normal life.  Often, trauma leaves us feeling unsafe in everyday situations and uncomfortable in our own body.

In addition to high rates of PTSD, women are also more likely to react more strongly to triggers that serve as reminders to the traumatic event.Triggering moments paired with the typical symptoms of traumatic stress including nightmares, insomnia, somatic disturbances, difficulty with intimate relationships, fear, anxiety, anger, shame, aggression, suicidal behaviors, loss of trust, and/or isolation can make each day difficult. If you're experiencing these symptoms and feel stuck or hopeless, you're in the right place. 

Trauma counseling at HerTime involves working collaboratively with your therapist to:

  • Evaluate your current level of distress

  • Identify triggers

  • Learn how to self regulate and cope

  • Tell your story and process the trauma 

  • Let go of painful memories

  • Desensitize yourself to triggers and learn to remain in an emotionally regulated state 

  • Find meaning in your experience 

  • Restore your relationships

  • Develop long lasting resilience and sustainable self care practices

Counseling for Chronic Stress

Do you feel constantly overwhelmed? Is every day a struggle? Whether everyday stressors have started to pile up, or you've had a significant event occur, such as becoming a new mom or a caregiver for someone with a chronic illness, you are likely in a state of chronic stress.  

We all experience stress. Much of the time, stress is a good thing. It gets us up in the morning and gives us that energy boost to meet that deadline or pass that exam. Yet, when high levels stress become chronic we begin to experience significant mental, emotional, and physical consequences.


Research shows a significant correlation between chronic stress and the development of anxiety and depression, as well as physical issues such as insomnia, impaired immune system, and an increased risk for serious illnesses such as heart disease and cancer.

No matter the cause, chronic stress can be managed and your health restored. Through a holistic approach to counseling, it is possible for you to build resilience, self care patterns, and coping skills needed to face any challenge. 

Counseling at HerTime for chronic stress includes working collaboratively with your therapist to:

  • Identify sources of stress and your reaction to them 

  • Learn to notice and address your unique physical and emotional reactions to stress

  • Reduce the intensity of your emotional response to stress

  • Reframe thinking and perspective about stressful situations

  • Balance positive and negative sources of stress 

  • Make lasting changes in your life to reduce overall stress

  • Find the level of stress that will motivate but not overwhelm 

  • Practice stress management and coping skills  

  • Create a comprehensive and sustainable self care plan 

  • Build physical and emotional resilience to stress

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